Endangered species

What does the Honda Fireblade, the Red-crowned Crane, Suzuki GSXR 1000, Bonin flying fox and Iriomote Cat all have in common? They are all on the endangered species list in Japan. Recently both Honda and Suzuki have announced and put on a press launch for their new Superbikes for 2017. Reading between the lines of … Continue reading Endangered species


Fundamentals and refinements

There are some design points that you have to hit to make sure a vehicle is appropriate for use and meets definition. For instance a standard definition for a car is that it has to have four wheels. But vans, go-carts and trucks can also have four wheels.  Therefore in defining a car you also … Continue reading Fundamentals and refinements

Transferring theory into practice – My experience of an ER5.

One main reason that I bought a Kawasaki ER5 was a review write up written in 1997. To me each and every aspect detailed the machine as desirable. The machine made sense to me and was exciting as well as attainable. I followed this reading by widening to more reviews and peoples opinions. It all … Continue reading Transferring theory into practice – My experience of an ER5.